동물등록 This is essential element

Hi, guys. 동물등록 Today I’ll tell you why I have to the reason for the occurrence of abandoned dogs Why do you think you have abandoned dogs?
Because people threw it away? Yeah, why do you think people would throw it away? Because you don’t have money? Because you don’t have the ability to raise them? Yes, if you can’t raise a dog, you shouldn’t have a dog, but people are obsessed with it. The original reason for the dog is that it takes a lot of money. To solve this part, insurance has to be activated, but most of the dog insurance has been created and disappeared. The reason is that they only registered for A when B is sick, they lied about A, so they stopped the insurance for dogs. That’s because we can definitely reduce the number of stray dogs. That’s why many people in the world can’t afford the hospital bills, so there are abandoned dogs. That’s why everyone with 동물등록 as animals. That’s because we can definitely reduce the number of stray dogs.



What do you think about animal registration if you have a dog or if you have one? I really think people who don’t register as animals should be eliminated, but I think abandoned dogs should be eliminated.


댕댕이 비문 에 관한 주관적인 글

Hello. Today, I will explain about the most favorite pet in Korea called puppy.

Currently, it is estimated that the number of people raising pets in Korea is about 12 million, but 12 million is 5 people in Korea, which is 50 million people.

You can say that you raise one of them. There are so many dogs living in our home. There are a lot of abandoned dogs that are lost. 댕댕이

I heard that there are a lot of dogs. Is there any way to stop this sad thing? There’s one way.

It is to make a dog registration card. What is dog registration? Choose one of the three ways to register our dog with the country.
That’s what we do.

One way: to hang a necklace-type registration card around your neck.

This method has the advantage of our lovely puppy not getting sick. But there’s a downside.

Because it’s a necklace, it can easily be lost or hung somewhere and it can break off.

Second way: how to plant chips

There is also a way to plant artificial paper chips in a dog’s body, which has a much bigger disadvantage than a necklace.

It’s about putting a little chip in the dog’s body, and then the dog’s body is experiencing an abnormal reaction, and the cancer is getting worse.

There is a high probability that it will occur. I think it’s going to hurt so much if my beloved dog has cancer.

Last Method: Registered using the 댕댕이 비문

The first or second method is a method that people know a lot, but the disadvantage is clear. But the way the dog used the inscription

It is safe to say that there is no disadvantage. It is said that each d댕댕이 비문 , just like a human fingerprint.

댕댕이 비문  is registered with the camera.

So I explained how to register a puppy. How to use a necklace, how to plant a chip on your body, how to plant a 댕댕이 비문.

The method of registration. The choice is yours, but I recommend the last method, the 댕댕이 비문.



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